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Here is a selection of the birth preparation support options I offer in the post natal

Birth Preparation Support during Post Natal Period

  • The post-natal period is very different for every person. For this reason, I try to be as flexible as possible to your individual needs.
  • Your needs may change dramatically from one week to another depending on your birth recovery and how your baby adapts to your chosen feeding method or methods.
  • I like to softly nurture you through the start of your parenthood journey and offer opportunities for you to rest, de brief, off load and importantly ensure you are well nourished.
  • I am here to support you and your family during this transition and here are just some of the many support tasks I have undertaken.
  • A sound board for you to voice all your thoughts regarding birth, feeding, sleep, siblings… whatever you are thinking.
  • Preparing some nutritious meal plans to suit your family including shopping and meal preparation.
  • Light housework and laundry offering you the chance to rest, have a bath and have time to yourself whilst I care for your new baby.
  • I offer support with all forms of infant feeding including having a fantastic network of specialist if this is required.
  • Allowing you the time to adjust with older children required. I will care for your newborn or siblings whichever is needed to provide you with the balance your family needs most. This may change from week to week.
  • My post natal support packages start at £25 per hour – please do call to discuss a package tailored to you.
  • My thank you to you at the end of our time together includes the option of a ‘date night’ babysitting night from me.

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My goal is to support parents to feel empowered to start their journey into parenthood in the most nurtured and positive way possible. Please do call me to have an initial chat!